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Solid4U Accountants & Tax Advisers and AuditCombinate have entered into a unique partnership under the name UNIACCOUNT Audit Accounting Tax, focused on the customer needs of international companies. The UNIACCOUNT logo contains a circle that symbolizes the globe, emphasizing the international character of the cooperation. There is an increasing need for international advice for small and medium-sized customers, as the expansion of activities abroad is often part of the company's (international) strategy. The two companies Solid4U and AuditCombinate work closely together on international assignments where various services are provided such as Audit Accounting Tax. UNIACCOUNT is in addition using IAPA's international network. The logo also radiates commitment and cooperation, enabling us to provide top-quality services to every client. For more information we refer to the separate websites of both cooperating organisations.
Audit Combinate
D. Joosen RA

T.T. Mooijman MSc RA

T. +31 (0)164 68 63 66

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Solid 4U - Accountants & Belastingadviseurs
J. H. (Jan) van Wijngaarden RA

T. +31 (0)76 88 70 001

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UniAccount is a partnership for supporting international clients